Barry W., Client

"My home was a difficult property to market but Gabriel stayed with it. In the end he had to put together all the parts of a double closing (sale and purchase) and did so in record time. "

Michael K., Client

"Will recommend Gabriel to all my family and friends. "

Patrick F., Client

"Gabriel is the consummate professional. Without his help I would not have been able to acquire the home I desired. I am a licensed real estate broker specializing in commercial estate. I know if I represented myself, I would have never been able to get this deal done. You need a great agent on your side and Gabriel is that agent. "

David A. Seaton, Client

"Gabriel Gendron recently sold our home not only in a timely manner (less than 60 days) but also for more than 99% of the original List Price. Gabriel understood the needs our family and made the success of our transaction his top priority. Gabriel is a good communicator and a true professional. I would highly recommend Gabriel."